Thursday, 28 November 2013

A family is going out on our family boat for the day. Nana and Pops are coming as well. Mum didn’t forget the yellow bucket. luckey. The family tow the boat into the harbour and drive out into the ocean.Across the blue waves.

The boat tumbles on the waves. A storm is brewing above us, the waves are crashing up against our ‘Old Lizzy’. Grey clouds cover the bay. Lightning in the sky and a heavy downpour is just starting to begin. A young family of six decide to go out on their family boat with their grandparents.

No life jackets on board, no one even thought of wearing a lifejacket. Mum, Dad Nan & Poppa are guzzling back the booze, but did they think about us did the wonder if we were safe. No.  The tragedy is just starting to begin.

The salty water is gushing into the boat. They slowly sink. They all can swim but shore is miles off. As more water tumbles in ‘Old Lizzy’ starts to sink quicker untill theres no time left. The children are swimming as fast as the can. Their faces start to go blue,there time is almost up. Mum, Dad,Papa and Nana no sight of them. They might’ve  went down with the boat. Mum pops to the surface of the water.

A bright golden ball flies into the afternoon sky, the shining light slowly falls down on the gleaming orange horizon. Someone had let of a flare. After what felt like half an hour I see a helicopter circling. Mum lets of another light of some sort. The helicopter leaves. At that moment I was cold and thinking all hope was lost until…  safety arrives a boat picks me and my mum up my brothers and sister did not survive nither grandpa, nana and dad.

I’ll never forget this horrifying event, thats why everyone should be safe on the water. Always wear a lifejacket even if your mates think its not cool you’ve got to be safe.

This story is fiction.

By Isabelle Forbes,

Room 5

Friday, 20 September 2013

Optimist yachting -reading task

In Room5 on 16.09.13 Mrs Cameron set everyone a task of naming the parts on an optimist yacht. I chose to do my work on blogger. This is what I've produced.

Some key points of yachting:
1. Set sail up the yacht.
2. Life jackets on
3. Wind direction
4. Good sea breeze

And more key points that you'll need to find out about.

H.N.P Inter-school cross country

Havelock North Inter-school cross country.

On your marks, get set.... Go! The red horn blows!
My legs pound forward, heart beating fast. Nervous with a giant butterfly in my tummy.
I had been training for a brutal 2 kilometre race. Its called the Inter-school cross country and all the top 10 runners from each year group and schools in Hastings go to the Hawkes Bay show grounds to race against each other hoping to get in to the top 10 (you stand a podium.
I crossed the line proudly with a big grin.Face red. My placing was 45th better than the year before.
I was the 9th girl Yr 6 runner at H.N.P.S.

By Isabelle Forbes 
Room 5

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Blast from the past! -Reading activity

On Monday 10th of September Mrs Cameron set us a task of reading the story article 'Blast from the past' then making a time line in our reading books . We wrote down short sentences about when rockets were made and how they were used.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Calendar Art

Calendar Artwork

Here is my calendar artwork. I hope you like it.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Scavenger Hunt!

H.N.P.S students out on a History Hunt!

Room 5 students went out in the village to hunt for more history knowledge about Havelock North and the surroundings. The H.N.P Scavenger Hunt was on Tuesday the 6th of August and was about 1 hour and 1/2.
Room 5 & 15 had a trip before hand to the H.N library to hear about Havelock North history from Kim Salamonson (The Havelock North Archivist.)